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Hey friends, thank you for showing up to our “SchoolStarter” page! Just like KickStarter, our goal is to harness the crowdfunding resource to bring this project to life!

In 2014, SchoolStarter led to the building of a primary school. In 2015, Ben Morales and his family are proud to continue building schools, and we are attempting to fund School #50, an agricultural training center managed by This is an important school, teaching better farming techniques to improve the amount and quality of food for Guatemalan families – the 1st of its kind!

Our 50th school had to be an extraordinary school, not just because of the number, but, for its distinction as a commemorative legacy to an 8-year old boy.  Patrick William Haughie died in a camping accident in 1973.  Had he lived, Patrick would have turned 50 on December 18, 2014.  Two years ago, Patrick’s parents, Glenn and Marlys Haughie, asked Penny if their family could build school #50 in memory of their son’s 50th birthday.  Through School Starter, everyone can help us make this a school worthy of Patrick’s memory for 50+ years to come.

With your help, we can reduce malnutrition through education programs at School of Miracles #50. Click the BACK THIS PROJECT button to the right and donate to this cause. You will receive the rewards listed on the right, along with the knowledge of your involvement in this amazing project.


9-11-15  School Starter Project Continues 
Remaining funds from Ben’s Project are applied to School #50, a Memorial School to Patrick William Haughie. The Haughie family gifted the funds for more than half of this special school to remember their son’s 50th birthday. Donors like you can help us raise the remaining $7,000 by December 2015. The school is a center for agriculture and nutrition education and crop research.

7-20-15 Morales Family Inaugurate School of Miracles #49  11234046_10152785028122242_4525514698804491392_n

Ben cuts the ribbon and presents the keys to the teacher.
The Morales family and El Salitrillo villagers paint the school.
They distribute backpacks and school supplies, and take photos for our donors of $1,000 or more.

3-23-15 Ben travels to Guatemala!

Ben in GUAThe fundraising dream is coming to fruition as Ben and a friend have traveled to Guatemala to help build the school in the small village of El Salitrillo, in the southeastern Guatemala department of Jutiapa. They are being hosted by a charity, The DIG, who is in charge of the construction. It will be an intense week of hard work and immersion into the Guatemalan culture, and will be sure to be an enriching and beneficial experience for all. The Sun-Sentinal also wrote a story about Ben and his efforts. View the story here.

12-25-14: Christmas Update
Because of the generosity of so many people including the Henry Rambacher memorial donations and a very generous Christmas gift from APPS Paramedical, funding for the school is completed ahead of schedule! Merry Christmas to Ben, Linda and the Morales family!

10-13-14: Henry Rambacher Memorial
The father of Miracles in Action’s founder, Penny Rambacher, died on October 12. Henry Rambacher was a champion of Miracles in Action’s work for many years. Memorial donations have been designated to support our SchoolStarter Project. Even in death, Mr. Rambacher is making a difference.

10-10-14: Share-a-Book Program helps raise money for our SchoolStarter
A unique way for schools and students to participate in our SchoolStarter project, the Share-a-Book program has been adopted in several schools, and others are invited to join in. Here’s how it works: Students donate $5, they receive a Spanish book to read (“Me Gusta la Escuela” – I Like School), then they practice their Spanish skills by writing a note inside the cover. The books are then collected and given to students in Guatemala, and the $5 goes to the school construction project. Win – Win – Win!

9-11-14: Ben and Bella’s first SchoolStarter video produced.

Thank you, Major Donors!

Thank you to these individuals who have donated $250 or more:
Richard Aadelen
Farah Ahamed
APPS Paramedical
Mary Ann & Tom Costello, in memory of Henry Rambacher
Gordon Csutak, in memory of my uncle Henry
Ira Dash, in memory of Henry Rambacher 
Joy Epperly in memory of Henry Rambacher
T.A. & Virginia Granfield, in memory of Henry Rambacher
Jan & Gary Jantzen, in memory
of Henry Rambacher
Josh Klump in memory of Henry Rambacher
Shirley Lotz, in memory of Henry Rambacher
Michele Markley
Peg Meyer, in memory of Henry Rambacher
Linda Morales
Daran & Elaine Rubin
Roy Shankman, in memory of Henry Rambacher
The Haughie family in memory of Patrick William

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School Starter 2014
Before & After

Beleju School IMG_9686.2015-07-20_171151

Thank You
from Ben Morales, the children of El Salitrillo, & Miracles In Action!


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    Pledge $10,000 or more Haughie Memorial School The Haughie Family gifted an angel donation in memory of their son Patrick who would have been 50 years old. A memorial plaque will be placed on the front of the school. DOB 12/18/1964 - 7/6/1973