Miracles in Action Commitment to Education

Education is the answer to poverty, but it is often out of reach for the poorest of the poor. Miracles in Action commits to a variety of education projects to improve the lives of rural Mayans.

School Construction

We work with charity partners in Guatemala to identify needs in poor rural communities.  Many of these rural Mayan children do not attend school past the 2nd or 3rd grade. Our goal is to encourage more education by building adequate facilities. Our school construction projects have three partners:  the community, who requests a school and has parents and others who are willing to provide the unskilled labor; the government, who provides the land and commits to provide teachers; and Miracles in Action, who, with the help of our donors, provides the funding for building materials and works with the in-country charity to oversee the project. We visit every school we build to meet the students and community.

Vocational Training

We fund various vocational training programs in several communities where poor people are learning trades for a better future.  In 2010 we partnered with Amigos de Santa Cruz to help fund a vocational center that now provides training programs in cooking, restaurant management, carpentry, mechanics, drafting, computers, weaving and sewing.

Our goal is to teach children and adults the skills they need to find a job, earn a living, and serve their community.

Student Scholarships

We sponsor scholarships for children living in rural areas to attend school.  Often indigenous Mayan students stop going to school after the 2nd or 3rd grade so they can help support their family. Sometimes, once a student knows how to write their name, their parents believe they have sufficient schooling.  The economics of needing their labor in the home or farm is often a consideration. Girls are especially prone to early withdrawal from schools.

Scholarships range from $150-$900 per year depending on the level and type of school, and covers the cost of tuition, books, supplies, and student follow up.

Teacher Training and Educational Resource Center

Rural teachers in Guatemala typically have the equivalent of only a 10th or 11th grade education.  There is also a lack of teaching materials for most teachers.  Miracles in Action has developed a training program and teacher resource center which provides workshops along with a lending library and computer lab.  Teachers are able to borrow teaching materials from the lending library to enhance their lesson plans.  Educators from the U.S. offer teacher workshops in addition to train-the-trainer workshops which allows local educators to help train others.